Friday, April 07, 2006

Motorcycle Wash

Nowadays, you'll see more and more motorcycles on the streets of Jakarta. People are trying to avoid sitting on the road too long because of the traffic jams. With motorcycles, they can make their way through pretty easily (although they tend to annoy the car drivers!). Also cars would cost a lot more on fuels. Local men see this as a business opportunity to open a motorcycle wash. With less than six thousand rupiahs (in US$ = $0.60) you'd get a shiny bike! 'Cuci' means wash.
reasonably priced and fast service :)
Cool idea! We don't have anything like this here (at least I haven't seen any)...
Wow! We have carwash here in manila but not motorcycle wash! Cool idea!
good business sense...looking for a gap in the market and then providing.
I like the idea of riding a motorcycle. But it scares the hell out of me. Especially here in Buenos Aires where driving, riding, are the worst thing I´ve seen. Circulation here is bad! really bad;) I don´t know how bad it is in Jakarta...maybe it´s the same.
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