Friday, April 14, 2006


I caught a glimpse of miss Aniston's lovely face on a dirty street wall. Apparently it's a poster of yet another new magazine that I can't keep up with these days (when you look closely, it has a combination of Indonesian and English language). We have Indonesian version of Cosmopolitan, Bazaar, GoodHousekeeping, Parents, Parenting, Female, and here comes another one called Eve. I don't know where that magazine is originally from. Anyone can tell me? But the most controversial one recently is of course...the Indonesian version of Playboy. Speaking as a moslem, I think if one feel sinful to see nudity pictures, then just don't buy the magazine! And parents should communicate better with their children when it comes to nudity and pornography. I personally have nothing against the launch of Indonesian Playboy. More news on that here (I couldn't find one from the local Jakarta news that is in English).
I don't think you can stop that...good parenting would make the big difference though
I dont know this magazine, but it sure is a nice picture of Jennifer. Brad and Angelina is currently in Namibia, (very close to South Africa)apparantly she is planning to have her baby in Africa :-)
Over here, the Indonesian playboy was even on the 8 o'clock news. I think in general nudity is such a non-issue (porn is something else!)in the Netherlands, that we simply don't get the whole matter.
Happy easter!!
Morals are in the soul and heart, only religion makes us try to force it on others flesh.
Santy, good comments on a timely issue.
a friend told me the indonesian version of eve is recommended but it's just expensive :)
UK (i guess :D)
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