Tuesday, April 25, 2006


This is Kinokuniya bookstore. They have a large number of collections, from Indonesian, English to Japanese books. Books here are expensive. I usually buy books in the local bookstore called Gramedia. But for certain titles and publishers, you will have to go to bookstores like this one. I love books, and I also love those wooden tiles! Btw, those are my daughter's legs walking into the frame... :)
I also love books, and the lighting on the tiles is great!

Does your daughter love books & book stores too?
The floor looks great. smooth and shiny. I would love to go tango ...errr ... did you say it's a bookstore :)
You seem to have a real sleakness or shinyness in your photos. It's interesting.

As weird as this sounds, I feel as though I can smell the freshness of the store, especially the wood tiles... =)
I think it's neat...the wood floors remind me of looking at books from the side....the thin wooden slats resemble the pages of a closed book.
jenni: yes, we both love books :)

grainofsand: hehe...you can tango there if you like, when the store's closed of course!

heidi: I'm still experimenting and learning to take good pictures.

luminlight: it is kind of fresh looking, eh? now that you've mentioned it.

markandrew: I think that's a great imagination :)

thanks for all your comments!
Is it a new bookstore ? I never heard of it before. It's clean and tidy. I think I can spend hours in this bookstore coz I love reading.
dont think we have this franchise here ..back home it's one of my fave. book store . especially like their layout :) Yes, very expensive buying from here !
wandeful bookstore ,,
i like the style
That floor is beautiful - wow!
I love books too!!
The angle of the first shot is great. Love the off center feel.

as kris already mentioned, Kinokuniya in KL is the most popular bookstore. I go there sometimes but I buy most of my books from another one called, believe it or not, Popular Bookstore. There's a branch that stocks the same titles and sometimes throw in great discounts. Must come to this one in Jakarta. I wonder if it rivals the one in Singapore cos that one is fantastic!
I love bookstores as well!! The floor adds a warm and welcoming atmosphere to it. Is it made with bamboo maybe?
I like Kinokuniya Bookstore in Sydney. It has never failed to have what I want, and often at a better price than elsewhere!

Nice photo too!
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