Friday, April 21, 2006

Hari Kartini (Kartini Day)

Many of our schools celebrated 'Hari Kartini' today. This was taken at my daughter's school. Ibu Kartini was the hero of Indonesian women from the early years of 1900. She believed that women should have the same education as men, and have the rights to work in any kind of professions. At that time, it was difficult for Indonesian women to be acknowledged as an intellectual. They mostly became a housewife and that's it. Ibu Kartini fought her way through to make a difference. She was a Javanese lady, and to honor her, schools always celebrate Hari Kartini by having children dressed in traditional Javanese clothings. They will do fashion shows on stage, do a parade around the school and sing a Kartini song together.
Brovo for Ibu Kartini.
How great. Thanks for the peak at your culture. I'll have to remember Ibu kartini.
Thanks for the insight into your culture, this is why I love the photo daily.
Are you a parents of BM? So am I! :)
that sounds like a lovely way to make it fun and memorable for the kids. Bravo, Ibu Kartini! And thank you for sharing.
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