Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Happy Alley

Just saw Lisbon's little beco (alley), and remembered that I have a picture about alley as well. Though mine's only a sign. 'Gg' is short for 'Gang' (read: gung, not gang as in gang members!), which means alley. And 'Senang' means happy. So you know why this sign caught my eyes. It's a direction to a happy alley! The alley itself has only regular houses. I guess they are happy people living in their happy homes in the happy alley :)
Great name for an alley. I would be happy living in a Happy Alley! Gang Senang.. It rimes, right?
I am Happy you shared this photo.

Senang in Malay also means Easy.

I'm sure everyone is familiar with Easy Street. :)

Bagus sekali pos ini ya?
what a nice clean shot.
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