Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Aah...this time my posting has a sentimental value. You are looking at the painting of my late grandparents. My nenek (grandma) was wearing a 'kebaya', and my kakek (grandpa), although wearing a suit and a bow tie, still had our traditional hat called 'blankon'. You'll see a small pattern painted on my grandma's forehead, that is a 'paes'. Her hair was pulled back and a round hairpiece known as 'konde' was pinned at the back. They were wearing one of the simple Javanese traditional outfits. There are many traditional clothings from Kalimantan, Sumatera, Sulawesi, Bali, etc which are equally beautiful. If you want a one stop shopping for traditional things in Jakarta, be sure to visit Pasaraya Grande.
That is a nice painting!
Bagus lo lukisannya. Sapa yang ngelukis San ?
tanty: wah, gak tau siapa. udah lama banget.
Nice! Your grandma is pretty. Lucky grandpa!
Hi Santy, very nice of you to post this...there are traces of your face in your grandma's...
Lovely painting! Yeah, Lisi is right :)
The painting is great, tell me that necklace your grandmother is wearing, is it still in the family.
Thanks for the comments everyone! Yes, I think I do look like her, especially when I'm dressed the same and all :)

Lorethian: No, unfortunately we don't have it anymore. I believe there was a time of crisis and she had to sell all her jewelries :(
Lovely painting, looks almost naive...
kakak santy, itu mbah ibu?
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