Wednesday, April 19, 2006


This Ibu is preparing a dish called Gado-Gado. It's a combination of various kinds of vegetables, just like a salad, but with peanut sauce as dressing. I will post one with a closer look of the food next time. She mixed everything in a large stone bowl. A number of bottles above and in front of her are soy sauce, one of the essential ingredients of gado-gado. I think a display like that is an interesting way to keep stock. Speaking of food, yesterday I saw a delicious dessert in Wiesbaden, Germany. Come and take a peek!
It's funny to be only vegetables because in portuguese gado means cattle!
I definitely want to give it a taste! Salads with nutty sauces sounds YUMMO!
Interesting, I love salads.
nuno: haha...that's a funny one. it's interesting how sometimes languages have similarity throughout the world.
I like this picture taken from inside... Nice back-lit photograph!
Photonya gelap San. Anyway, jadi kepengen makan gado2, tapi disini gak ada :-(
Hunger bells going!
thanks all!!
Hey, thanks for the link! I'd love to try gado-gado - sounds really good, especially since I love peanut sauce!! Really nice photo!
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