Thursday, April 13, 2006

Full Serviced Gas Station

Ooh,look at that...a bajaj is getting some fuel :) Pertamina has been the only petrol company in Indonesia. Wherever you go, the gas station will be under its name. Only recently that I saw some Shell gas stations in a few Jakarta areas. And we don't have a self service gas stations. Jakarta is packed with people from all over the small towns or from another Indonesian islands. To keep them from wondering the streets jobless, the government tries to open as many job opportunities as possible. Serving cars at the gas station is one of them. Here's a picture of the Shell gas station. They give a free service for window cleaning and tires checking.
Mmm... I haven't heard of Pertmina. Is it a local company?
I never see the gas station as clean as this one in Jakarta before. It looks new. Where is it ?
Luminlight: yes, it's local.

Tanty: It's in Mampang area of South Jakarta. It's been there for about 3 years or so. I guess Jakarta is getting cleaner in some areas. Yay!
we have a lot of different gas stations - At all the stations, they wash the windows, check water and oil and they are open 24 hours a day. All the stations have 24 hour shops as well
We have only self-service and that was it. No window cleaning, no water or oil check or anything else. You have to do it yourself. At some stations you even have to pay to check the air on your tires...
I havent seen anything except self service since I was a kid. How much does someone make working at a gas station there?
marieta: some of our gas stations open 24 hrs and several have small stores as well

lorethian: I'm not sure. Maybe not more than 600 rupiahs per month (in US$ = $60.00)

All...thanks for the comments :)
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