Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Brooms and Stuff

Came across this Abang on the way home yesterday. 'Abang' is a friendly way of calling a man at the market, a bus/becak driver, and in this case the one who sells that various things on the street. Abang actually means big brother. As you can see, his cart is loaded with so many things. He will push the cart to a near market and park there. On top of the large red pail, is what we call 'tudung saji'. It's made of bamboo and we use it to cover food on the table.
You know San, the first thing I do when I turn on my personal PC now is reading your blog. This photo makes me laugh and remind me of my mother who likes buying things from this 'abang'
Amazing how many thing he got on his cart!! Those food covers are really nice!
Well, he still have one free seat
Looks like a Wal-Mart on wheels. He must do a pretty good business.
Hi Santy...this is a really good shot that tells me about life in your city...I like it!
Such a random assortment of things, but all in great colors!
Seen the same thing in india, housing appliances..difference is people smile a lot in indonesia
Wow! That is really packed!
nice picture...
Nice picture. And very interesting for us .
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