Monday, April 17, 2006

At the Salon

Had a little hair trim on the weekend. Went to the hair salon early in the morning to avoid a long queue. So, as you see in the picture, it was still quiet and empty. Tempted to color my hair, but 300 thousand rupiahs is a lot of money for me! (in US$ = $30) I would've settled for a 65 thou 'do it yourself' color tube at the drug store. After all, I don't have that much hair :) But anyway, I decided not to color my hair just yet. Coloring your hair in Jakarta's decent salons can cost you around 200 - 800 thousand rupiahs. Here, I took picture of the color bar as well.
How early in the morning is it?
As far has i know here that will cost at least 3 times more:S. So... we all like our air color:)
To have your hair cut here will cost around 250 - 500 kr. I don't know how much it is to colour hair. BTW, salonnya dimana San ? Bersih dan nyaman kayaknya.
lorethian:'s only 10 am in the morning. I guess, for a weekend, that seems early to me :)

nuno: I'm not surprised. I know beauty salons cost a fortune in other countries. We're lucky :)

tanty: Irwan Team Salon di Bintaro
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