Friday, March 24, 2006

Warung Mie Ayam

Four pics instead of one? The newcomer got a little too excited here :) Well, only because I feel that it's more complete to put four of them together. Warung (Read: Wah-Roong) is not a side-walk cafe, but has a quite similar function. People come there to eat and drink on the side of the street. And let me tell you, Jakarta has tons of warungs like this all over the place, from a small type like this to even larger ones with huge tents. Sometimes in some areas, where warungs are being put up closer and closer to the center of the road, cars are having trouble to pass because of them. Then the police will ask them to leave. It's quite easy for them to move around, so they can either sell their food door to door, or just pick a spot and stay there. Warung has become a word for any tent store on the street. Warung nasi (which sells rice), warung rokok (which sells cigarettes), and in this picture - warung mie ayam. 'Mie Ayam' means chicken noodle. It has noodle, chicken bits, green vegetables and some crunchy chips we call 'pangsit'. It's delicious when you eat it with 'sambal' (chilly sauce). That is, if you like spicy food. You may wonder how we could possibly eat in the middle of a poluted street? Well, we just don't worry too much. And our stomachs are used to it, I guess :)
Hi Santy, welcome from Rotterdam!
Your pictures make me hungry!!
Looks like my kind of eating got me *drooling* over the mee :p :)
Very nice family business! The food looks really yummy. I'd have without the sambal though... Too spicy!
Great pictures Santy. Welcome to the group. I added you already to my links. I see that you and the new member from Brasov couldn┬┤t get the whole list from Wiki. No problem, you will have time to browse and choose your best sites. Keep the good work.
Welcome aboard! Looking forward to finding out about Jakarta through your eyes.
the kind of place i love to eat at when i visit other countries. my mouth is watering...must go and get breakfast. welcome to the mad world santy...I'll link you from my blog
Aduh laper nih, how i missed those street vendors. No replacement here in France. Yummy stuffs...
Always dreamt to explore Indonesia, mainly Sulawesi and Kalimantan. Sure I will do it some day! Thank you to offer us this tempting meal, and welcome in!
dutchie: thanks for visiting :)

fotoaddict: aah, I'm sure you've tried it when you were back in Malaysia, Kris.

nicola: the best part is that it's delicious without sambal as well!

carlos: thanks for adding me.

ham: I'll try my best.

grantfraser: thanks for adding me. It is mad, isn't it? I can't put down my camera now :)

maya: halo! tinggal di paris ya? wah, senangnya :) semoga foto-foto saya bisa melepas rindu kampung halaman.

pierre: believe it or not, I haven't been to Sulawesi and Kalimantan myself. Shame on me, eh? I will do it someday as well! Hehe...
Droolzzzzz ...... uenaknya ngiler deh gue .... yummy yummy
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