Monday, March 27, 2006

Tanjung Lesung

Pardon me if the picture this time is not about Jakarta. I went to the beach with some friends on the weekend. The beach is called Tanjung Lesung. It's about three hour drive from Jakarta, located close to a sailing club. It's the most beautiful place and I had trouble putting myself in the car when it was time to go home :) Jakarta has its own beach as well, called Ancol. But nowhere near as good as this one. Ancol beach is always packed with people. It's just too crowded. I will try to take pictures of it next time. Tanjung Lesung is really...breathtaking... I have created another blog for more pictures. Click here to see more.
Very nice beach! What is that in the foreground of your photo? Are those from corals?
That´s really beautiful!! I´d love to take a bath there :)
nicola: yes, they're corals.

cynthia: come and visit then :)
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