Friday, March 31, 2006

Pondok Indah

Drove around Pondok Indah area yesterday and shot a couple of the mansion houses. It's located in the South of Jakarta. In Indonesia and Jakarta in particular, you can have helpers in your house. To clean, cook, do your laundry, mow your lawns, etc. Their monthly salary usually ranges from 250 - 600 thousand rupiahs (in US$: 25-60 dollars). Rich people with houses like this would probably have three or four helpers. You know, probably to help with cleaning the swimming pool or shining their crystals! Oh, and they have a security guard as well! I myself would prefer just a small house, thank you very much :) So, if you want to live like a king and have everything being done for you, come and live here! More pictures here.
I prefer to live in a charming country house. Not very big as to have many seldom used rooms. Helpers are very expensive here in Akita.
Impressive structure. Can definitely see the colonial influence from the entry way.
:-) good points, santy...nice pick. my family doesn't live there for sure :-D
i think thats not human house, thats to big for human, thats Elephant house :)
i-like your blog
Thanks for all your comments :)

Jakarta City, I will add your blog to my links :)
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