Wednesday, March 29, 2006


This is how it looks like during rush hour in downtown Jakarta. 'Macet' is traffic jam, and it happens all day and everywhere here. To set an appointment with someone, you have to count at least one hour ahead, for your time on the road. The empty lane was made especially for TransJakarta busses. I guess it's better to take the bus, eh? Look here for more endless traffic jams...
Oh, oh, quite a traffic jam! Are there any plans to make the street wider to add another lane?
Not to change topics, but the setting reminds me of the highways in Singapore, where you have a line of trees separating the two directions of the roads. How serious are the jams - standstills for minutes?
Macet! I love that word! I learnt it last year from an Indonesian friend when he was with me in a KL jam. Only in Asia do we have traffic jams that go on for hours. That's right Lumi, HOURS! Santy wasn't kidding when she said at least an hour ahead to get to your destination.

EeeeeH! Macet sialan!

Hahaha! That's right Ed, macet sialan for HOURS!

nicola, I've seen streets get wider around here, but then traffic like that still happens. Too many people with cars perhaps. And as a result of poor public transports. Our busses are not at all convenient to get around.
tell me about it.. the lines look pretty neat and proper ..hehe. Good shot !!
I like this aspect of your photo as you are above the traffic.
gosh that traffic looks bad!
i can never enjoy my trip home in jakarta...macet kemana-mana. it's very the end, you'll spend most of your time in an air-conditioned car and malls to cool yourself's hot and humid plus high polution there :-P i get stressed-out more instead of vacationing...
Santy, thank you so much for sharing these 'one of a kind' pictures yet unique which most often than not viewed the reality of living in a big, crowded, and high populated metropolitan like our home town the beloved Jakarta Raya.

I am so surprised to have the opportunity to find myself finding pictures of my surroundings (Bintaro and Pondok Indah) and 'one and only' BLOK M in particular which brings alive vivid memory 'old days' spending hours each day commuting from home to school...not to mention the time-consuming of being trapped in the traffic jam...yeah, talking about many hours and appointments which have been proven.

Bitter-sweet memory indeed. I cannot forget that yet not dreaming of having one once more since it only takes 5 minutes to work now in Wisconsin USA, yet sometimes I still wish there are no stop lights to shorten my travel time to be 1 or 2 minutes only :)

Again, thank you so much for your creativity to shoot such beautiful ideas in photography that others can enjoy for many whom have been overseas quite sometime and homesick a lot as well as those who have not seen our 'beloved' metro city DKI JAKARTA.

Keep up the good work and take care!
Santy, thank u so much for this picture.
It is unbelievable. Ruarr Biasa Macet Jakarta.
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