Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bis dan Bajaj

Angkot is not the only transportation that travels around with open door. Busses as well! Well, not all of them. TransJakarta (above) is the fanciest in the city. Air conditioned, clean, very convenient. But only travels in the downtown area. Whereas the smaller bus (center) and the bajaj (bottom) can be found in the suburbans. There are also people with motorcycles who will give you a ride with reasonable fare. As for cabs, go for only Blue Bird taxis. I'm not with the company, you know :) I personally feel more safe and comfortable with them.
First visit here, really nice. I'll be back to see more photos from your beautiful (and warm) country!
Very nice~
If i can get a chance i would like to go Jakarta
micki: thanks for visiting. you're welcome here anytime :)

cold noodle: let me know whenever you're in town :)
The bajaj look nice! How many people can go in there?
Hi, Nicola. bajaj can only fit two people. Well, three if they're tiny people :)
the bajaj look so cute ;D
It is a good idea to show the different forms of mass transit from cities around the world. I would have assumed the buses and taxis but no the bajaj or the motorcycles.
Thanks everyone! Happy to show Jakarta's transports :)

Nicola and Kris: Yes, it's kinda cute. Except for its noisy engine! Oh, and bajaj really shakes! It has an unbelievable vibration :) Pregnant women are not recommended riding a bajaj.
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