Thursday, March 23, 2006


I decided to join. Am I in the 'family' now, Eric? I stumbled into Eric's blog the other day and asked about joining in. Phew! A picture a day, eh? Well, I'll give it a try. If I couldn't stick to the rule then you guys can sack me and give the opportunity to other Jakartans :) Anyway, this first picture isn't impressive enough for a first post, I think. But I just felt like putting it in. It's one of our public transportation called a 'Becak'. Some of you may have been to Jakarta, and probably have tried riding a becak. The man sitting in the passenger's seat is the driver. He's parking it in front of a mall close to where I live, which is in Bintaro area of South Jakarta. He will take you places within the neighborhood only. Becaks are not allowed in the freeway. And they only exist in some areas of Jakarta. They charge very little. Perhaps from around 3,000 - 10,000 Rupiahs depending on the distance (in US$ about 30 cents - 1 Dollar). It is like riding a bicycle, but with a lot of weight there on the front. Especially when they drive people who bring loads of plastic bags after shopping. But these becak drivers never complain. They are struggling for life, trying to get the hot hot city of Jakarta.
You surely are part of the family now Santy! And we're all happy to welcome you on board - I am sure than many people will be delighted to see photos from Jakarta.

A city daily photo blog can be time consuming but also very rewarding...

All the best.
Best of luck with Jakarta's Daily Photo! Very nice start actually, love knowing about a (distant) country...
So, the driver sits behind the passenger? Intersting! Welcome to the Daily Photo Family!
Hi and welcome from Akita, Japan. Looking forward to your photos and tidbits about your city!!
Welcome to the Global Family. I love your first picture in your "fast paced" city. It's a winner.
Apa Khabar? bagus sekali ada teman diseberang laut!

Have fun with your Jakarta Daily.

-KL Daily
Welcome to the family , Santy! Interesting choice of first post..and i look forward to many more :)

'Jumpa ' Lagi :)

-Kris , Szentes (Hungary )
Nice first photo Santy! And welcome to the club.
Great photo Santy! I've seen this when I was in Jakarta a few months back. I always told myself i'd ride one of those but I've always been on a rush whenever i'm there so I haven't really fulfilled that promise.

Welcome to the family!!

And I'm sure you will keep up with the daily's not that hard :)
Wow! What a warm welcome indeed :)
Thanks everyone!

Eric: thanks for including me.

Fred: there are lots to discover about the country Indonesia, but yes...Jakarta has a little bit of everything.

Nicola: you should try riding a becak sometime :)

Midnitebara: thank you! glad to be here!

Jean: Gosh! I didn't expect anybody would say that. Thanks!! :)

Edwin: Kabar baik. Senang berkenalan dengan anda.

Fotoaddict: Wow! You speak bahasa Indonesia? That's great!

Karine: Thank you!

Anne: Thanks, I really hope I can keep up :)
I'm not from the club ;-P but I'd like to welcome you too to this wonderful blogosphere. I think you're going to contribute wonderful authentic photos of Indonesia (Jakarta in particular). I'm your fellow indonesian, salam kenal dan saya harap kita bisa berteman di dunia "virtual" ini. Selamat berfoto ria...salam hangat selalu.
Welcome !
Very interesting picture
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