Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Another one of our public transportations...Angkot. Stands for 'Angkutan Kota', which means city transports. Most of the big cities in Indonesia have angkot. It's quite an interesting car, really. I know it's a bit dark, but if you look closely, you'll see that people in the back seat are facing each other. Angkot fits twelve people in the back seat and one in the front (excluding the driver). Six people on the right side and four on the left side. And most of the time, two more passengers will squeeze themselves in just beside the side door, which is never closed! That guy standing, will find something to hold on to and remain standing there during the ride. Dangerous, eh? More pictures of Angkot here.
wow, it is indeed dangerous...and of course they can't close the door cos' they would get more air in there...good shot!
that is really an overcrowded car. hope they get home safely!
They should just get pickup trucks and let everyone ride in the back.

Anyway, it's a way top get around.
Hello santy. today, I was update to your bloglink in my blog. welcome our family and I wanna see your good photos from now on.
Amazing to get 12 people in there. Here in Germany you would only be allowed to have 7 people in there alltogether.
like a sardine can... pack as much in as you can.
12 in that space...oh my God! great pic tho...really shows how people get around jakarta!
Thank you all for your comments :)

Yep, they need air in there allright! I've taken a ride in one on a heavy rain, and that was awful because the windows were closed, the door was still opened, splashes of water coming in!
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